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An experimentally supported enhancer database for human and mouse.

What is ENdb?

Here, we introduce ENdb 2.0 (http://www.licpathway.net/ENdb), an updated and significantly expanded database, which newly documents 2003 experimentally validated enhancer interactions and 741 diseases/phenotypes through manually curating of over 20,000 published literature.Through reviewing 5,518 published literatures, the current release of ENdb2.0 documents 2,003 experimentally validated enhancers and their related information, including: 776 cell names, 267 tissue names,969 target genes, 556 transcription factors, 741 diseases and 2,003 functions for human and mouse.


  • 5518
  • 2003
  • 741
  • 969
    Target genes
  • 556
    Transcription factors
  • 141
  • 2003
    Enhancer function

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