All the datesets here are in the same format. Please read the details .
1.All the experimentally confirmed enhancers. Download
2.The experimental confirmation for target genes associated enhancers. Download
3.The experimental confirmation for TFs associated enhancers. Download
4.The experimental confirmation for disease associated enhancers. Download
ENdb database contains 24 columns separated by tab:Description
Biosample_name The specific tissues or cells use in the experiment.
Experiment_class The experimental categories (Low+high-throughput or Low-throughput).
Enhancer_experiment The experiments used to confirm the activity of enhancer.
Enhancer_experiment_description The experimental description of the enhancer.
Enhancer_type Enhancer or Super-enhancer.
Target_gene The target gene of enhancer is confirmed by experiments.
Strong_evidence e.g., CRISPR/Cas9,3C,q3C,3C-qPCR,ChIP-3C,3C-qPCR,3C-seq,4C,4C-seq,5C.
Less_strong_evidence e.g., ChIP-seq,Western blot,Luciferase Reporter Assay.
Target_gene_experiment_description The details on experimental enhancer.
Target_gene_aliases The aliases of target gene.
Disease The disease name.
Enhancer_function The function of enhancers is verified experimentally.
Enhancer_function_experimen The experiments on the function.
Enhancer_function_experiment_description The in-text experimental description of the function.
TF_name The name of the transcription factor.
TF_aliases The aliases of gene.
TF_Experiment The experiments on the TF.
TF_experiment_description The experimental description of TF.
SNP_ID The definition SNP of GWAS.
SNP_position The position of SNP.
SNP_experiment The experiments on the SNP in the region of enhancers.
Distance_from_TSS The distance of the enhancer and the target gene.