Tissue Type

2 Activated (IL4, anti-CD40, IgM, and IgD) peripheral blood 2 Adipose 1 Adipose tissue 3 Adrenal gland 1 Aorta
1 Ascending aorta 5 Autonomic ganglia 33 Blood 1 Body of pancreas 2 Bone 2 Bone marrow 17 Brain 1 Brain and spinal cord 1 Brain: derived from metastatic site: supra-orbital area 1 Breast epithelium 1 Bronchial 3 Burkitt's lymphoma of the left maxilla 3 Cervical 1 Cervix 26 Colon 1 Colorectal 2 Connective tissue 1 Cord blood 1 Coronary artery 2 Dermal fibroblasts 1 Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex 30 Embryo 7 Embryo endodermal 1 Endoderm 1 Endometrioid 2 Endometriosis 1 Endometrium 1 Esophagus 1 Esophagus muscularis mucosa 1 Esophagus squamous epithelium 1 Fallopian tube 10 Foreskin 1 Gastrocnemius medialis 1 Gastroesophageal sphincter 29 Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue 6 Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue blood 1 Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue bone marrow 2 Heart 2 Heart left ventricle 1 Hippocampus 3 Human melanoma 27 Kidney 1 Large intestine 13 Liver 43 Lung 3 Lymph node 1 Malignant pleural fluid posthumously 36 Mammary Gland 1 Muscle 1 Muscle of leg 1 Muscle of trunk 29 Neuroblastoma 2 Oesophagus 4 Oral cavity 3 Osteoblastic 2 Other 2 Ovaries 1 Ovary 5 Pancreas 1 Pancreas/duct 2 Pancreatic 1 Pancreatic endoderm 2 Pectoralis major muscle 1 Pelvis 19 Peripheral blood 1 Peritoneal effusion: derived from metastatic site: peritoneal cavity 1 Peyers patch 1 Placenta 13 Prostate 1 Prostate: derived from metastatic site: vertebral metastasis 2 Psoas muscle 5 Retina 1 Right atrium auricular region 1 Right cardiac atrium 1 Right lobe of liver 2 Sigmoid colon 20 Skeletal muscle 15 Skin 1 Small intestine 1 Smooth muscle 1 Spinal cord 3 Spleen 26 Stomach 1 Submandibular Salivary Gland 1 Thoracic aorta 2 Thymus 1 Thyroid gland 1 Tibial nerve 6 Tonsil 1 Transverse colon 8 Umbilical cord 2 Umbilical vein 1 Upper lobe of left lung 2 Urinary bladder 1 Uterus 1 Vagina

Sample Name

1 1015_CL 1 1015_PT 1 12364284 1 12364284_VHL+ 1 12364284_VHL-
1 20431713N 1 20431713T 1 22Rv1 1 22Rv1_10nM17beta-hydroxy-5alpha-androstan-3-one 1 293Trex_B4Nflag_2h 1 293Trex_B4Nflag_7h 1 293Trex_B4Nflag_No 1 697 1 7250-empty 1 7250-PAX3-FOXO1 1 786-O 1 786-O_empty_vector 1 786-O_HIF2A 1 786-O_non-targeting 1 786-O_wtVHL 1 90-8TL_DMSO 1 90-8TL_PDJQ 1 A-498 1 A-498_emptyvector 1 A-498_wtVHL 1 A375 1 A375_DMSO 1 A549 1 A549_dexamethasone_0.5h 1 A549_dexamethasone_12h 2 A549_dexamethasone_1h 1 A549_dexamethasone_2h 1 A549_dexamethasone_3h 1 A549_dexamethasone_4h 1 A549_dexamethasone_5h 1 A549_dexamethasone_6h 1 A549_dexamethasone_7h 1 A549_dexamethasone_8h 1 A549_ethanol_1h 1 A549_TGFbeta_72h 1 A673 1 ACC112 1 adipose-tissue 1 adrenal-gland 1 adrenal-gland_34y 1 adrenal-gland_97d 1 AFG 1 AGS 1 ALL-SIL 1 AML10 1 AML11 1 AML8 1 aorta 1 ascending-aorta 1 astrocyte 1 AzH-G2/M 1 AzL-S_phase 2 B-cell 1 BE2 1 BE2C_1 1 BE2C_2 1 BE2C_3 1 BE2C_DMSO 1 bipolar-neuron 1 BJ 1 BJEL 1 body-of-pancreas 1 breast-epithelium 1 BT-549 1 BT16 1 BT16_NoDox 1 C4-2B 1 C4-2B_SR2211_24h 1 C4-2B_vehicle_24h 1 Caco-2 1 CAL51 1 CAL51-MCF-7 1 Calu-3 1 CAPAN1 1 cardiac-muscle-cell 1 CB5_H3K27Ac 1 CCRF-CEM 2 CD14-positive-monocyte 1 CD19+_B_cells 1 CD19+_B_cells_Activated_F 1 CD19+_B_cells_Activated_M 1 CD19+_B_cells_FL1-2 1 CD19+_B_cells_FL3A 1 CD19+_B_cells_nhl 1 CD19+_B_cells_nhl_FL1-2 1 CD19+_CD10+_CD44low_CXCR4+_B_cells 1 CD19donorA 1 CD34 1 CD34+HSPC-derived-erythroid-precursors 1 CD4-positive-alpha-beta-memory-T-cell 1 CD4donorE 1 CD4_T_cells 1 CD56+ Natural Killer cells donor A 1 CD8-positive-alpha-beta-T-cell 1 CD8donorA 1 CD8donorC 1 CD8_T_cells 1 cervical-cancer_KDM5C 1 cervical-cancer_parental 1 cervical-cancer_vector 1 CHP212 1 CJM 1 CLB-BER-Lud 1 CLB-CAR 1 CLB-GA 1 CLB-MA 1 CLB-PE 1 Colo205 1 Colo320 1 COLO679 1 Colo741 1 coronary-artery 1 CTR 1 CUTLL1_dimer-mutant 1 CUTLL1_GSI 1 CUTLL1_GSI_wash 1 CUTLL1_wild-type 1 CyT49_ES_D0 1 CyT49_ES_D10 1 CyT49_ES_D2 1 CyT49_ES_D5 1 CyT49_ES_D7 1 CyT49_GTtoH 1 CyT49_HE 1 DE 1 DKO1 1 DN-Early_G1 1 DND-41 1 dorsolateral-prefrontal-cortex 1 DU-528 1 EEC16 1 Embryonic-stem-cells_Naive 1 Embryonic-stem-cells_Primed 1 endodermal-cell 1 endometrioid_adenocarcinoma_TumorA 1 endothelial-cell-of-umbilical-vein 1 Epidermal-Stem-Cells_shCTRL 1 Epidermal-Stem-Cells_shDNMT3B 1 epithelial-cell-of-prostate 1 erythroblasts 1 esophagus 1 esophagus-muscularis-mucosa 1 esophagus-squamous-epithelium 1 fibroblast-of-lung 1 foreskin-keratinocyte 1 foreskin-keratinocyte-calcium2.5day 1 foreskin-keratinocyte-calcium5.5day 1 foreskin_D11 1 foreskin_HFFs 1 FT246 1 FU97 1 FW14 1 FW15 1 FW18 1 FW24 1 G401_Dox 1 G401_NoDox 1 Gastric_Primary_Sample_N 1 Gastric_Primary_Sample_T 1 gastrocnemius-medialis 1 gastroesophageal-sphincter 1 GBM_2493 1 GICAN 1 GIMEN 1 GLC16_DMSO 1 GM12878 1 GM23338 1 GRANTA-519 1 H1-hESC 1 H2087_LCC2 1 H2087_Parental 1 H7 2 H9 1 H9_ESC 1 H9_Het 1 H9_naive 1 H9_Null 1 H9_Null+EZH2 1 H9_primed 1 H9_WT 1 HBE(Primary human bronchial epithelial cells) 1 HCC1954_LCC2 1 HCC1954_Parental 2 HCT116 1 HCT116_Heterozygous_ARID1A-KO 1 HCT116_Homozygous_ARID1A-KO 1 HCT116_NONT 1 HCT116_Parental 1 HCT116_shPAF1 1 HCT15 2 heart-left-ventricle 1 HEK293 1 HEK293A_empty-vector_DMSO_6h 1 HEK293A_WT-MEF2B_DMSO_6h 1 HeLa-S3 1 hepatocyte 1 hepatocytes_d1 1 hepatocytes_d3 1 hepatocytes_d6 1 HepG2 1 HepG2_shBRG1 1 HepG2_shNS 1 hFOB_differentiated 1 hFOB_JQ1_differentiated 1 hFOB_undifferentiated 1 high-MYCN-Neuroblastoma-patient-cells 1 hippocampus 1 HK-2 1 hMADS-3_brite 1 hMADS-3_white 1 HMEC 1 HSPCs_F0 1 HSPC_A0 1 HT1080_DOX5d 1 HT1080_untreated 1 HT29 1 HT29_DMSO 1 hTERT_KD 1 hTERT_SCR 1 HuH7_IL-1alpha_1h 1 HuH7_untreat 1 human kidney proximal tubule cells 1 HUVEC_VEGF_4h 1 ID01 1 ID60 1 IIDP/donor790 1 Ik6pre-BALL+TET-emptyvector 1 Ik6pre-BALL+TET-Ik1 1 ILC1 1 ILC3 1 IM95 2 IMR-90 1 IMR-90_DMSO_1 1 IMR-90_DMSO_2 1 IMR-90_Etoposide 1 IMR-90_Nutlin-3a 1 IMR-90_proliferating 1 IMR-90_quiescent 1 IMR-90_senescent 1 IMR32 1 IMR5-75 1 IMR5-75-shMYCN-MYCN_high 1 Induced-regulatory-T-cells_CPI-703 1 Induced-regulatory-T-cells_DMSO 1 IOE11 1 IOE4 1 iPS-18a 1 iPS-20b 1 iPS-DF-19.11 1 iPS-DF-6.9 1 J82 1 Jurkat 1 K562 2 Karpas-422 1 KATO3 1 KATOIII 1 KB_5Z-7-oxozeaenol 1 KB_IL-1alpha 1 KB_IL-1alpha_5Z-7-oxozeaenol 1 KB_untreat 1 kelly_DMSO_3h 1 keratinocyte 1 Keratinocytes 1 KMS-11 1 KO2-Late_G1 1 KOPT-K1 1 KOPTK1 1 KYSE510 1 L3-6_4SC-202 1 L3-6_DMSO 1 LAN1 1 large-intestine_108d 1 LHCN-M2_dox_6h 1 LHCN-M2_nodox 1 LNCaP 1 LNCaP_R1881 1 LNCaP_R1881_DOX 2 Loucy 1 low-MYCN-Neuroblastoma-patient-cells 1 LOX-IMVI 1 LP-1_SGC-CBP30 1 LS174T 1 LS180 1 lung_30y 1 lung_3y 1 Macrophages_GM-CSF_72h 1 Macrophages_GM-CSF_72h_IFN-y 1 Macrophages_GM-CSF_72h_IL4 1 Macrophages_GM-CSF_72h_TNF-a_PGE2_Pam3CSK4 1 mammary-epithelial-cell 2 MCF-7 1 MCF-7_10Gygamma_2.5h 1 MCF-7_10Gygamma_5h 1 MCF-7_10Gygamma_7.5h 1 MCF-7_E2 1 MCF-7_estradiol 1 MCF-7_EtOH 1 MCF-7_NS 1 MCF-7_PMA 1 MD901_shCREBBP 1 MD901_WD 1 MDA-MB-231 1 MDA-MB-231-MCF-7 1 MDA-MB-231_GATA3 1 MDA-MB-231_TA1del 1 MDA-MB-231_untreat 1 MDA-MB-468 1 mesenchymal-stem-cell 1 mesendoderm 1 MHG 1 MiaPaca2 1 mid-neurogenesis-radial-glial-cells 1 MINO 1 MKN1 1 MKN45 1 MKN7 1 MM.1S 1 MO1043_ICN1_HA_H3K27Ac_a 1 MO1043_ICN1_HA_H3K27Ac_b 1 MOLM13 1 MOLM14_CA25_11 1 MOLM14_CA25_12 1 MOLM14_DMSO_10 1 MOLM14_DMSO_9 1 MOLM14_untreated 1 MOLT4_1 1 MOLT4_2 1 Monocyte-derived_dendritic_cells 1 MRC-5_MRC5_1DPT 1 MRC-5_NFD_1DPT 1 MRC-5_N_1DPT 1 muscle-of-leg 1 muscle-of-trunk 1 MV411 1 MV411_DMSO 1 MV411_untreat 1 N206 1 naive thymus-derived CD4-positive, alpha-beta T cell 1 natural-killer-cell 1 NB-EBc1 1 NB69 1 NCC59 1 NCI-H1299_EGFP-NEO_reporter_cells_DAC 1 NCI-H1299_EGFP-NEO_reporter_cells_DACSB 1 NCI-H1299_EGFP-NEO_reporter_cells_DMSO 1 NCI-H1299_EGFP-NEO_reporter_cells_SAHA 1 NCI-H1299_EGFP-NEO_reporter_cells_SB939 1 NCI-H69_DMSO 1 NCI-H82_DMSO 1 NCI0075 1 NCI0082 1 NEC 1 neonatal_keratinocytes 1 Neural crest cells 1 neural-cell 1 neural-progenitor-cell 1 neutrophil 1 neutrophils 1 NGP 1 NHEK-D 1 NHEK_M 1 NHEK_scramble 1 NHEK_siGRHL3 1 NK 1 NS129 1 NS134 1 OCI-LY1 1 OCI-LY3 1 OCI-LY7 1 OCUM1 1 osteoblast 1 ovary 1 P12-ICHIKAWA 1 p7-CLL-patient_CD74 1 PANC-1 1 pancreas 1 pancreatic-islets-F 1 pancreatic-islets-M 1 patient 119 1 Patient_x750N 1 Patient_x750T 1 PC-3 1 PC-9 1 PCS-400 1 Peyers-patch 1 PF-382 1 PFEIFFER 1 PFG 1 placenta 1 prostate 1 psoas-muscle_30y 1 psoas-muscle_3y 1 purified cardiomyocyte G296S mutants 1 purified cardiomyocyte WT 1 radial-glial-cell 1 Raji_B 1 Raji_DMSO 1 Raji_JQ1 1 RB 1 RD 1 RD-Fusion-Negative-Rhabdomyosarcoma 1 REC-1 1 REH 1 RERF-GC-1B 1 RH18 1 RH4 1 RH5 1 right-atrium-auricular-region 1 right-cardiac-atrium 1 right-lobe-of-liver 1 RKO 1 RMS008 1 RMS206 1 RMS209 1 RMS216 1 RMS237 1 RMS238 1 RT172 1 RT236 1 RT242 1 RWPE1 1 RWPE2 1 SCMC 1 SEM 1 SET2 1 SF268 1 SH-EP 1 SH-SY5Y 1 SH-SY5Y-MYCN-OFF 1 SH-SY5Y_DMSO_3h 1 SH-SY5Y_untreat 2 sigmoid-colon 1 SJNB1 1 SJNB12 1 SJNB6 1 SJNB8 1 SK-N-AS 1 SK-N-BE_2-C 1 SK-N-DZ 1 SK-N-FI 1 SK-N-MC 1 skeletal-muscle-myoblast 1 SKMEL2 1 SKMEL30 1 small-intestine_108days 1 smooth-muscle-cell 1 SNU016 1 SNU16 1 SNU1750 1 SNU638 1 SNU719 1 spinal-cord_108d 1 spleen 1 spleen_30y 1 spleen_3y 1 stomach 1 stomach_30y 1 stomach_3y 1 stomach_96d 1 SUDHL-4 1 SUDHL6 1 SUM159PT-BT-474 1 SUM159PT-MCF-7 1 SUM159PT-T47D 1 SUM159PT-ZR-75-1 1 SUM159_DMSO_24h 1 SW48 1 Sw480 1 SW620 1 T-47D_1 1 T-47D_2 1 T-47D_untreat 1 T-cell 1 T24 1 TC-797_JQ1_4h 1 TE7 1 Th1 1 Th17 1 thoracic-aorta 1 thymus 1 thyroid-gland 1 tibial-nerve 1 TOLEDO 1 TR14 1 transverse-colon 1 TTC549_Doxycycline 1 TTC549_untreated 1 tumormodel3691 1 U2OS 1 U87 1 U87_EGFRvIII_erlotinib 1 U87_EGFRvIII_FBS 1 U87_EGFRvIII_shFOXG1_FBS 1 U87_EGFRvIII_shSCR_FBS 1 U87_EGFRvIII_shSOX9_FBS 1 U87_FBS 1 UACC257 1 umbilical-cord-derived-mesenchymal-stem-cells_Control_cycle_0 1 umbilical-cord-derived-mesenchymal-stem-cells_Control_cycle_3 1 umbilical-cord-derived-mesenchymal-stem-cells_Control_cycle_6 1 umbilical-cord-derived-mesenchymal-stem-cells_SGA_cycle_0 1 umbilical-cord-derived-mesenchymal-stem-cells_SGA_cycle_3 1 umbilical-cord-derived-mesenchymal-stem-cells_SGA_cycle_6 1 upper-lobe-of-left-lung 1 uterus 1 V206 1 V389 1 V429 1 V429_2 1 V456 1 V481 1 vagina 1 VCaP 1 vHMEC 1 WT-11bp/Jurkat 1 WT/Jurkat 1 WT/Jurkat-11bp 1 YCC21 1 YCC22 1 YCC3 1 YCC7 1 ZNF532-NUT_24335 1 ZR-75-1_1 1 ZR-75-1_2 1 ZR-75-30_KO 1 ZR-75-30_parental
Sample ID Sample Name Biosample Type Tissue Type
Sample_00_001 adipose-tissue Tissue Adipose tissue
Sample_00_002 adrenal-gland_34y Tissue Adrenal gland
Sample_00_003 adrenal-gland_97d Tissue Adrenal gland
Sample_00_004 aorta Tissue Aorta
Sample_00_005 B-cell Primary cell Blood
Sample_00_006 CD14-positive-monocyte Primary cell Blood
Sample_00_007 naive thymus-derived CD4-positive, alpha-beta T cell Primary cell Blood
Sample_00_008 CD4-positive-alpha-beta-memory-T-cell Primary cell Blood
Sample_00_009 CD8-positive-alpha-beta-T-cell Primary cell Blood
Sample_00_010 endodermal-cell In vitro differentiated cells Embryo
Sample_00_011 esophagus Tissue Esophagus
Sample_00_012 H1-hESC Stem cell Embryo
Sample_00_013 H9 Stem cell Embryo
Sample_00_014 heart-left-ventricle Tissue Heart left ventricle
Sample_00_015 IMR-90 Cell line Lung
Sample_00_016 iPS-DF-19.11 Induced pluripotent stem cell line Foreskin
Sample_00_017 iPS-DF-6.9 Induced pluripotent stem cell line Foreskin
Sample_00_018 iPS-18a Induced pluripotent stem cell line Dermal fibroblasts
Sample_00_019 iPS-20b Induced pluripotent stem cell line Dermal fibroblasts
Sample_00_020 large-intestine_108d Tissue Large intestine
Sample_00_021 lung_3y Tissue Lung
Sample_00_022 lung_30y Tissue Lung
Sample_00_023 mesenchymal-stem-cell In vitro differentiated cells Embryo
Sample_00_024 mesendoderm In vitro differentiated cells Embryo
Sample_00_025 muscle-of-leg Tissue Muscle of leg
Sample_00_026 muscle-of-trunk Tissue Muscle of trunk
Sample_00_027 natural-killer-cell Primary cell Blood
Sample_00_029 ovary Tissue Ovary
Sample_00_030 pancreas Tissue Pancreas
Sample_00_031 placenta Tissue Placenta
Sample_00_032 psoas-muscle_30y Tissue Psoas muscle
Sample_00_033 psoas-muscle_3y Tissue Psoas muscle
Sample_00_034 right-cardiac-atrium Tissue Right cardiac atrium
Sample_00_035 sigmoid-colon Tissue Sigmoid colon
Sample_00_036 small-intestine_108days Tissue Small intestine
Sample_00_038 spinal-cord_108d Tissue Spinal cord
Sample_00_039 spleen_3y Tissue Spleen
Sample_00_040 spleen_30y Tissue Spleen
Sample_00_041 stomach_3y Tissue Stomach
Sample_00_042 stomach_30y Tissue Stomach
Sample_00_043 stomach_96d Tissue Stomach
Sample_00_044 T-cell Primary cell Cord blood
Sample_00_045 thymus Tissue Thymus
Sample_01_001 22Rv1 Cell line Prostate
Sample_01_002 22Rv1_10nM17beta-hydroxy-5alpha-androstan-3-one Cell line Prostate
Sample_01_006 A549_ethanol_1h Cell line Lung
Sample_01_012 A549_dexamethasone_1h Cell line Lung
Sample_01_017 A673 Cell line Muscle
Sample_01_018 ACC112 Cell line Submandibular Salivary Gland
Sample_01_019 astrocyte Primary cell Brain and spinal cord
Sample_01_020 B-cell Primary cell Blood
Sample_01_021 bipolar-neuron In vitro differentiated cells Skin
Sample_01_022 C4-2B Cell line Prostate
Sample_01_023 cardiac-muscle-cell In vitro differentiated cells Embryo
Sample_01_024 CD14-positive-monocyte Primary cell Blood
Sample_01_025 DND-41 Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue blood
Sample_01_026 endothelial-cell-of-umbilical-vein Primary cell Umbilical vein
Sample_01_027 epithelial-cell-of-prostate Primary cell Prostate
Sample_01_029 fibroblast-of-lung Primary cell Lung
Sample_01_030 GM12878 Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue blood
Sample_01_031 GM23338 Induced pluripotent stem cell line Skin
Sample_01_033 H9 Stem cell Embryo
Sample_01_034 HCT116 Cell line Colon
Sample_01_036 HeLa-S3 Cell line Cervix
Sample_01_037 hepatocyte In vitro differentiated cells Liver
Sample_01_038 HepG2 Cell line Liver
Sample_01_039 K562 Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue bone marrow
Sample_01_040 Karpas-422 Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_01_041 keratinocyte Primary cell Skin
Sample_01_042 KMS-11 Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_01_043 KOPT-K1 Cell line Blood
Sample_01_044 Loucy Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_01_045 mammary-epithelial-cell Primary cell Mammary Gland
Sample_01_046 MCF-7 Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_01_047 mid-neurogenesis-radial-glial-cells In vitro differentiated cells Embryo
Sample_01_048 MM.1S Cell line Peripheral blood
Sample_01_050 neural-cell In vitro differentiated cells Embryo
Sample_01_051 neural-progenitor-cell In vitro differentiated cells Embryo
Sample_01_052 neutrophil Primary cell Blood
Sample_01_053 OCI-LY1 Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_01_054 OCI-LY3 Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_01_055 OCI-LY7 Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_01_056 osteoblast Primary cell Bone
Sample_01_057 PANC-1 Cell line Pancreas/duct
Sample_01_058 PC-3 Cell line Prostate
Sample_01_059 PC-9 Cell line Lung
Sample_01_060 radial-glial-cell In vitro differentiated cells Embryo
Sample_01_061 RWPE1 Cell line Prostate
Sample_01_062 RWPE2 Cell line Prostate
Sample_01_063 skeletal-muscle-myoblast Primary cell Skeletal muscle
Sample_01_064 SK-N-MC Cell line Brain: derived from metastatic site: supra-orbital area
Sample_01_066 smooth-muscle-cell In vitro differentiated cells Smooth muscle
Sample_01_067 SUDHL6 Cell line Peritoneal effusion: derived from metastatic site: peritoneal cavity
Sample_01_068 VCaP Cell line Prostate: derived from metastatic site: vertebral metastasis
Sample_01_069 adrenal-gland Tissue Adrenal gland
Sample_01_070 ascending-aorta Tissue Ascending aorta
Sample_01_071 body-of-pancreas Tissue Body of pancreas
Sample_01_072 breast-epithelium Tissue Breast epithelium
Sample_01_073 coronary-artery Tissue Coronary artery
Sample_01_074 esophagus-muscularis-mucosa Tissue Esophagus muscularis mucosa
Sample_01_075 esophagus-squamous-epithelium Tissue Esophagus squamous epithelium
Sample_01_076 gastrocnemius-medialis Tissue Gastrocnemius medialis
Sample_01_077 gastroesophageal-sphincter Tissue Gastroesophageal sphincter
Sample_01_078 heart-left-ventricle Tissue Heart left ventricle
Sample_01_079 Peyers-patch Tissue Peyers patch
Sample_01_080 prostate Tissue Prostate
Sample_01_081 right-atrium-auricular-region Tissue Right atrium auricular region
Sample_01_082 right-lobe-of-liver Tissue Right lobe of liver
Sample_01_083 sigmoid-colon Tissue Sigmoid colon
Sample_01_084 spleen Tissue Spleen
Sample_01_085 stomach Tissue Stomach
Sample_01_086 thoracic-aorta Tissue Thoracic aorta
Sample_01_087 thyroid-gland Tissue Thyroid gland
Sample_01_088 tibial-nerve Tissue Tibial nerve
Sample_01_089 transverse-colon Tissue Transverse colon
Sample_01_090 upper-lobe-of-left-lung Tissue Upper lobe of left lung
Sample_01_091 uterus Tissue Uterus
Sample_01_092 vagina Tissue Vagina
Sample_02_002 MCF-7_10Gygamma_2.5h Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_003 MCF-7_10Gygamma_5h Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_004 MCF-7_10Gygamma_7.5h Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_005 cervical-cancer_KDM5C Other Cervical
Sample_02_006 cervical-cancer_parental Other Cervical
Sample_02_007 cervical-cancer_vector Other Cervical
Sample_02_008 786-O_empty_vector Cell line Kidney
Sample_02_009 786-O_wtVHL Cell line Kidney
Sample_02_010 A-498_emptyvector Cell line Kidney
Sample_02_011 A-498_wtVHL Cell line Kidney
Sample_02_012 786-O_non-targeting Cell line Kidney
Sample_02_013 786-O_HIF2A Cell line Kidney
Sample_02_014 HepG2_shBRG1 Cell line Liver
Sample_02_015 HepG2_shNS Cell line Liver
Sample_02_016 erythroblasts Primary cell Blood
Sample_02_017 H9_ESC Stem cell Embryo
Sample_02_018 NEC Cell line Embryo
Sample_02_019 Neural crest cells Other Embryo
Sample_02_021 V429 Cell line Colon
Sample_02_022 CD8donorA Primary cell Blood
Sample_02_023 CD8donorC Primary cell Blood
Sample_02_024 CD56+ Natural Killer cells donor A Primary cell Blood
Sample_02_025 CD19donorA Primary cell Blood
Sample_02_026 CD4donorE Primary cell Blood
Sample_02_027 HUVEC_VEGF_4h Cell line Umbilical vein
Sample_02_029 LS174T Cell line Colorectal
Sample_02_030 human kidney proximal tubule cells Other Kidney
Sample_02_031 Jurkat Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue blood
Sample_02_032 pancreatic-islets-M Tissue Pancreas
Sample_02_033 pancreatic-islets-F Tissue Pancreas
Sample_02_034 CUTLL1_GSI Cell line Peripheral blood
Sample_02_035 CUTLL1_GSI_wash Cell line Peripheral blood
Sample_02_036 H7 Stem cell Embryo
Sample_02_038 DE Stem cell Embryo
Sample_02_039 AFG Stem cell Embryo
Sample_02_040 PFG Stem cell Embryo
Sample_02_041 Raji_B Cell line Burkitt's lymphoma of the left maxilla
Sample_02_042 CyT49_ES_D0 Cell line Embryo endodermal
Sample_02_043 CyT49_ES_D2 Cell line Embryo endodermal
Sample_02_044 CyT49_ES_D5 Cell line Embryo endodermal
Sample_02_045 CyT49_ES_D7 Cell line Embryo endodermal
Sample_02_046 CyT49_ES_D10 Cell line Embryo endodermal
Sample_02_047 IIDP/donor790 Cell line Pancreatic endoderm
Sample_02_048 CyT49_HE Cell line Embryo endodermal
Sample_02_049 CyT49_GTtoH Cell line Embryo endodermal
Sample_02_050 BJ Cell line Skin
Sample_02_051 MCF-7_EtOH Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_052 MCF-7_E2 Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_053 DKO1 Cell line Colon
Sample_02_054 IMR-90_DMSO_1 Cell line Lung
Sample_02_055 IMR-90_Nutlin-3a Cell line Lung
Sample_02_056 HMEC Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_057 vHMEC Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_058 WT/Jurkat-11bp Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue blood
Sample_02_059 WT/Jurkat Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue blood
Sample_02_060 WT-11bp/Jurkat Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue blood
Sample_02_061 hMADS-3_white Cell line Adipose
Sample_02_062 hMADS-3_brite Cell line Adipose
Sample_02_063 Keratinocytes Primary cell Skin
Sample_02_064 DN-Early_G1 Cell line Embryo
Sample_02_065 KO2-Late_G1 Cell line Embryo
Sample_02_066 AzL-S_phase Cell line Embryo
Sample_02_067 AzH-G2/M Cell line Embryo
Sample_02_068 A375_DMSO Cell line Skin
Sample_02_069 SF268 Cell line Brain
Sample_02_070 NCI-H69_DMSO Cell line Lung
Sample_02_071 GLC16_DMSO Cell line Lung
Sample_02_072 NCI-H82_DMSO Cell line Lung
Sample_02_073 90-8TL_DMSO Cell line Other
Sample_02_074 90-8TL_PDJQ Cell line Other
Sample_02_075 kelly_DMSO_3h Cell line Autonomic ganglia
Sample_02_076 SH-SY5Y_DMSO_3h Cell line Autonomic ganglia
Sample_02_077 high-MYCN-Neuroblastoma-patient-cells Primary cell Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_078 low-MYCN-Neuroblastoma-patient-cells Primary cell Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_079 T-47D_1 Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_080 Calu-3 Cell line Lung
Sample_02_081 Monocyte-derived_dendritic_cells In vitro differentiated cells Blood
Sample_02_082 KB_IL-1alpha Cell line Oral cavity
Sample_02_083 KB_untreat Cell line Oral cavity
Sample_02_084 KB_5Z-7-oxozeaenol Cell line Oral cavity
Sample_02_085 KB_IL-1alpha_5Z-7-oxozeaenol Cell line Oral cavity
Sample_02_086 CAPAN1 Cell line Pancreas
Sample_02_087 MiaPaca2 Cell line Pancreas
Sample_02_088 umbilical-cord-derived-mesenchymal-stem-cells_SGA_cycle_0 Stem cell Umbilical cord
Sample_02_089 umbilical-cord-derived-mesenchymal-stem-cells_SGA_cycle_3 Stem cell Umbilical cord
Sample_02_090 umbilical-cord-derived-mesenchymal-stem-cells_SGA_cycle_6 Stem cell Umbilical cord
Sample_02_091 umbilical-cord-derived-mesenchymal-stem-cells_Control_cycle_0 Stem cell Umbilical cord
Sample_02_092 umbilical-cord-derived-mesenchymal-stem-cells_Control_cycle_3 Stem cell Umbilical cord
Sample_02_093 umbilical-cord-derived-mesenchymal-stem-cells_Control_cycle_6 Stem cell Umbilical cord
Sample_02_095 MDA-MB-468 Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_096 ZR-75-1_1 Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_097 Epidermal-Stem-Cells_shCTRL Stem cell Foreskin
Sample_02_099 Epidermal-Stem-Cells_shDNMT3B Stem cell Foreskin
Sample_02_100 Macrophages_GM-CSF_72h Primary cell Peripheral blood
Sample_02_101 Macrophages_GM-CSF_72h_IFN-y Primary cell Peripheral blood
Sample_02_102 Macrophages_GM-CSF_72h_IL4 Primary cell Peripheral blood
Sample_02_103 Macrophages_GM-CSF_72h_TNF-a_PGE2_Pam3CSK4 Primary cell Peripheral blood
Sample_02_104 neutrophils Primary cell Blood
Sample_02_105 neonatal_keratinocytes Primary cell Skin
Sample_02_106 NHEK_M Other Skin
Sample_02_107 EEC16 Cell line Endometrium
Sample_02_108 FT246 Cell line Fallopian tube
Sample_02_110 IOE11 Cell line Ovaries
Sample_02_111 IOE4 Cell line Ovaries
Sample_02_112 HT1080_untreated Cell line Connective tissue
Sample_02_113 HT1080_DOX5d Cell line Connective tissue
Sample_02_114 CAL51 Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_115 MCF-7 Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_116 MDA-MB-231_untreat Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_117 KARPAS-422 Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_02_118 MINO Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_02_119 PFEIFFER Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_02_120 REC-1 Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_02_121 SUDHL-4 Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_02_122 TOLEDO Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_02_123 GRANTA-519 Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_02_124 Embryonic-stem-cells_Naive Stem cell Embryo
Sample_02_125 Embryonic-stem-cells_Primed Stem cell Embryo
Sample_02_126 Induced-regulatory-T-cells_DMSO Primary cell Blood
Sample_02_127 Induced-regulatory-T-cells_CPI-703 Primary cell Blood
Sample_02_128 ALL-SIL Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_02_131 1015_PT Cell line Lung
Sample_02_132 1015_CL Cell line Lung
Sample_02_133 TC-797_JQ1_4h Cell line Thymus
Sample_02_134 293Trex_B4Nflag_No Cell line Kidney
Sample_02_135 293Trex_B4Nflag_2h Cell line Kidney
Sample_02_136 293Trex_B4Nflag_7h Cell line Kidney
Sample_02_138 RT172 Tissue Brain
Sample_02_139 RT236 Tissue Liver
Sample_02_140 RT242 Tissue Kidney
Sample_02_141 HCT116_Heterozygous_ARID1A-KO Cell line Colon
Sample_02_142 HCT116_Homozygous_ARID1A-KO Cell line Colon
Sample_02_143 HCT116_Parental Cell line Colon
Sample_02_144 MV411_DMSO Cell line Peripheral blood
Sample_02_146 LP-1_SGC-CBP30 Cell line Bone marrow
Sample_02_147 CD4_T_cells Primary cell Blood
Sample_02_148 CD8_T_cells Primary cell Blood
Sample_02_150 MDA-MB-231_GATA3 Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_151 MDA-MB-231_TA1del Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_152 U87_EGFRvIII_shFOXG1_FBS Cell line Brain
Sample_02_154 U87_EGFRvIII_shSCR_FBS Cell line Brain
Sample_02_155 U87_EGFRvIII_shSOX9_FBS Cell line Brain
Sample_02_157 U87_EGFRvIII_FBS Cell line Brain
Sample_02_158 U87_EGFRvIII_erlotinib Cell line Brain
Sample_02_160 U87_FBS Cell line Brain
Sample_02_161 U87 Cell line Brain
Sample_02_162 C4-2B_vehicle_24h Cell line Prostate
Sample_02_163 C4-2B_SR2211_24h Cell line Prostate
Sample_02_164 H2087_Parental Cell line Lung
Sample_02_165 H2087_LCC2 Cell line Lung
Sample_02_166 HCC1954_Parental Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_167 HCC1954_LCC2 Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_168 LNCaP Cell line Prostate
Sample_02_169 LNCaP_R1881 Cell line Prostate
Sample_02_170 LNCaP_R1881_DOX Cell line Prostate
Sample_02_171 IMR-90_proliferating Cell line Lung
Sample_02_172 IMR-90_quiescent Cell line Lung
Sample_02_173 IMR-90_senescent Cell line Lung
Sample_02_174 IMR-90_DMSO_2 Cell line Lung
Sample_02_175 IMR-90_Etoposide Cell line Lung
Sample_02_176 LOUCY Cell line Peripheral blood
Sample_02_177 J82 Cell line Urinary bladder
Sample_02_179 T24 Cell line Urinary bladder
Sample_02_180 CJM Cell line Human melanoma
Sample_02_181 COLO679 Cell line Human melanoma
Sample_02_182 LOX-IMVI Cell line Human melanoma
Sample_02_183 SKMEL2 Cell line Skin
Sample_02_184 SKMEL30 Cell line Skin
Sample_02_185 UACC257 Cell line Skin
Sample_02_186 AGS Cell line Stomach
Sample_02_187 KATOIII Cell line Stomach
Sample_02_188 MKN1 Cell line Stomach
Sample_02_189 SNU016 Cell line Stomach
Sample_02_190 SNU638 Cell line Stomach
Sample_02_191 SNU719 Cell line Stomach
Sample_02_192 MKN45 Cell line Stomach
Sample_02_193 Patient_x750N Tissue Kidney
Sample_02_194 Patient_x750T Tissue Kidney
Sample_02_195 OCUM1 Cell line Stomach
Sample_02_196 NCC59 Cell line Stomach
Sample_02_197 SNU1750 Cell line Stomach
Sample_02_198 SNU16 Cell line Stomach
Sample_02_199 KATO3 Cell line Stomach
Sample_02_200 RERF-GC-1B Cell line Stomach
Sample_02_201 MKN7 Cell line Stomach
Sample_02_202 YCC7 Cell line Stomach
Sample_02_203 YCC21 Cell line Stomach
Sample_02_204 IM95 Cell line Stomach
Sample_02_205 Gastric_Primary_Sample_T Tissue Stomach
Sample_02_206 Gastric_Primary_Sample_N Tissue Stomach
Sample_02_207 FU97 Cell line Stomach
Sample_02_208 YCC3 Cell line Stomach
Sample_02_209 MRC-5_MRC5_1DPT Cell line Lung
Sample_02_210 MRC-5_N_1DPT Cell line Lung
Sample_02_211 MRC-5_NFD_1DPT Cell line Lung
Sample_02_212 Raji_DMSO Cell line Burkitt's lymphoma of the left maxilla
Sample_02_213 Raji_JQ1 Cell line Burkitt's lymphoma of the left maxilla
Sample_02_214 H9_WT Stem cell Embryo
Sample_02_215 NHEK_siGRHL3 Other Skin
Sample_02_216 NHEK_scramble Other Skin
Sample_02_217 MCF-7_NS Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_218 MCF-7_PMA Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_219 MDA-MB-231 Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_220 BE2C_1 Cell line Brain
Sample_02_221 CCRF-CEM Cell line Blood
Sample_02_222 DU-528 Cell line Blood
Sample_02_223 MOLT4_1 Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_02_224 P12-ICHIKAWA Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_02_225 PF-382 Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_02_226 KOPTK1 Cell line Blood
Sample_02_227 TE7 Cell line Oesophagus
Sample_02_228 KYSE510 Cell line Oesophagus
Sample_02_229 ID01 Stem cell Umbilical cord
Sample_02_230 ID60 Stem cell Umbilical cord
Sample_02_231 ILC1 Primary cell Tonsil
Sample_02_232 ILC3 Primary cell Tonsil
Sample_02_233 Th1 Primary cell Tonsil
Sample_02_234 Th17 Primary cell Tonsil
Sample_02_235 NK Primary cell Peripheral blood
Sample_02_236 V206 Cell line Colon
Sample_02_237 V389 Cell line Colon
Sample_02_240 V429_2 Cell line Colon
Sample_02_241 V456 Cell line Colon
Sample_02_242 V481 Cell line Colon
Sample_02_243 foreskin_HFFs Other Foreskin
Sample_02_244 foreskin_D11 Other Foreskin
Sample_02_246 MCF-7_estradiol Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_247 MOLT4_2 Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_02_248 MD901_shCREBBP Cell line Blood
Sample_02_249 MD901_WD Cell line Blood
Sample_02_250 tumormodel3691 Tissue Brain
Sample_02_251 SH-SY5Y-MYCN-OFF Cell line Autonomic ganglia
Sample_02_252 IMR5-75-shMYCN-MYCN_high Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_253 BE2C_DMSO Cell line Brain
Sample_02_254 IMR5-75 Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_255 MOLM13 Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_02_256 MV411 Cell line Peripheral blood
Sample_02_257 endometrioid_adenocarcinoma_TumorA Tissue Endometrioid
Sample_02_258 NCI-H1299_EGFP-NEO_reporter_cells_DMSO Other Lung
Sample_02_259 NCI-H1299_EGFP-NEO_reporter_cells_SAHA Other Lung
Sample_02_260 NCI-H1299_EGFP-NEO_reporter_cells_SB939 Other Lung
Sample_02_261 hFOB_differentiated Cell line Osteoblastic
Sample_02_262 hFOB_JQ1_differentiated Cell line Osteoblastic
Sample_02_263 hFOB_undifferentiated Cell line Osteoblastic
Sample_02_264 7250-empty Cell line Skeletal muscle
Sample_02_265 7250-PAX3-FOXO1 Cell line Skeletal muscle
Sample_02_266 HBE(Primary human bronchial epithelial cells) Other Bronchial
Sample_02_267 786-O Cell line Kidney
Sample_02_268 A-498 Cell line Kidney
Sample_02_269 HK-2 Cell line Kidney
Sample_02_270 PCS-400 Primary cell Kidney
Sample_02_271 20431713N Cell line Kidney
Sample_02_272 20431713T Cell line Kidney
Sample_02_273 hTERT_SCR Cell line Endometriosis
Sample_02_274 hTERT_KD Cell line Endometriosis
Sample_02_275 FW14 Tissue Retina
Sample_02_276 FW15 Tissue Retina
Sample_02_277 FW18 Tissue Retina
Sample_02_278 FW24 Tissue Retina
Sample_02_279 RB Tissue Retina
Sample_02_280 SUM159_DMSO_24h Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_281 U2OS Cell line Bone
Sample_02_282 IMR-90 Cell line Lung
Sample_02_283 p7-CLL-patient_CD74 Primary cell Peripheral blood
Sample_02_284 patient 119 Tissue Pelvis
Sample_02_285 HuH7_untreat Cell line Liver
Sample_02_286 HuH7_IL-1alpha_1h Cell line Liver
Sample_02_288 CB5_H3K27Ac Other Tonsil
Sample_02_293 L3-6_4SC-202 Cell line Pancreatic
Sample_02_294 L3-6_DMSO Cell line Pancreatic
Sample_02_295 A549_TGFbeta_72h Cell line Lung
Sample_02_296 CLB-BER-Lud Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_297 CLB-CAR Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_298 CLB-GA Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_299 CLB-MA Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_300 CLB-PE Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_301 GIMEN Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_302 IMR32 Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_303 LAN1 Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_304 N206 Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_305 SH-EP Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_306 SH-SY5Y Cell line Autonomic ganglia
Sample_02_307 SJNB12 Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_308 SJNB1 Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_309 SJNB6 Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_310 SJNB8 Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_311 SK-N-AS Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_312 SK-N-BE_2-C Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_313 SK-N-DZ Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_314 SK-N-FI Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_315 TR14 Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_316 CHP212 Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_317 GICAN Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_318 NB69 Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_319 NB-EBc1 Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_320 MO1043_ICN1_HA_H3K27Ac_a Cell line Peripheral blood
Sample_02_321 MO1043_ICN1_HA_H3K27Ac_b Cell line Peripheral blood
Sample_02_322 Caco-2 Cell line Colon
Sample_02_323 RKO Cell line Colon
Sample_02_324 SW48 Cell line Colon
Sample_02_325 hepatocytes_d1 Primary cell Liver
Sample_02_326 hepatocytes_d3 Primary cell Liver
Sample_02_327 hepatocytes_d6 Primary cell Liver
Sample_02_328 H9_naive Stem cell Embryo
Sample_02_329 H9_primed Stem cell Embryo
Sample_02_330 MHG Stem cell Endoderm
Sample_02_331 MOLM14_untreated Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_02_332 MOLM14_DMSO_9 Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_02_333 MOLM14_DMSO_10 Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_02_334 MOLM14_CA25_11 Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_02_335 MOLM14_CA25_12 Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_02_336 SET2 Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_02_337 MV411_untreat Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_02_338 BE2 Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_339 NGP Cell line Neuroblastoma
Sample_02_340 BE2C_2 Cell line Brain
Sample_02_341 SH-SY5Y_untreat Cell line Autonomic ganglia
Sample_02_342 HSPCs_F0 Primary cell Liver
Sample_02_343 HSPC_A0 Primary cell Bone marrow
Sample_02_344 CD34 Primary cell Blood
Sample_02_345 AML8 Primary cell Blood
Sample_02_346 AML10 Primary cell Blood
Sample_02_347 AML11 Primary cell Blood
Sample_02_348 CUTLL1_wild-type Cell line Peripheral blood
Sample_02_349 CUTLL1_dimer-mutant Cell line Peripheral blood
Sample_02_350 dorsolateral-prefrontal-cortex Tissue Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex
Sample_02_351 hippocampus Tissue Hippocampus
Sample_02_352 HCT116 Cell line Colon
Sample_02_353 HT29 Cell line Colon
Sample_02_354 Colo205 Cell line Colon
Sample_02_355 HCT15 Cell line Colon
Sample_02_356 Sw480 Cell line Colon
Sample_02_357 Colo320 Cell line Colon
Sample_02_358 LS180 Cell line Colon
Sample_02_359 Colo741 Cell line Colon
Sample_02_360 SEM Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_02_361 HT29_DMSO Cell line Colon
Sample_02_362 REH Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_02_363 697 Cell line Haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue
Sample_02_364 CTR Cell line Skeletal muscle
Sample_02_365 NCI0075 Tissue Skeletal muscle
Sample_02_366 NCI0082 Tissue Skeletal muscle
Sample_02_367 NS129 Tissue Skeletal muscle
Sample_02_368 NS134 Tissue Skeletal muscle
Sample_02_369 RD Cell line Skeletal muscle
Sample_02_370 RH4 Cell line Skeletal muscle
Sample_02_371 RH5 Cell line Skeletal muscle
Sample_02_372 RMS008 Tissue Skeletal muscle
Sample_02_373 RMS206 Tissue Skeletal muscle
Sample_02_374 RMS209 Tissue Skeletal muscle
Sample_02_375 RMS216 Tissue Skeletal muscle
Sample_02_376 RMS237 Tissue Skeletal muscle
Sample_02_377 RMS238 Tissue Skeletal muscle
Sample_02_378 SCMC Cell line Skeletal muscle
Sample_02_379 RD-Fusion-Negative-Rhabdomyosarcoma Cell line Skeletal muscle
Sample_02_380 RH18 Cell line Skeletal muscle
Sample_02_381 purified cardiomyocyte WT Primary cell Heart
Sample_02_382 purified cardiomyocyte G296S mutants Primary cell Heart
Sample_02_383 Ik6pre-BALL+TET-emptyvector Other Blood
Sample_02_384 Ik6pre-BALL+TET-Ik1 Other Blood
Sample_02_385 CD19+_B_cells_FL3A Primary cell Lymph node
Sample_02_386 CD19+_B_cells_FL1-2 Primary cell Lymph node
Sample_02_387 CD19+_B_cells_nhl_FL1-2 Primary cell Lymph node
Sample_02_388 CD19+_CD10+_CD44low_CXCR4+_B_cells Primary cell Tonsil
Sample_02_389 CD19+_B_cells_nhl Primary cell Peripheral blood
Sample_02_390 CD19+_B_cells Primary cell Peripheral blood
Sample_02_391 CD19+_B_cells_Activated_M Primary cell Activated (IL4, anti-CD40, IgM, and IgD) peripheral blood
Sample_02_393 CD19+_B_cells_Activated_F Primary cell Activated (IL4, anti-CD40, IgM, and IgD) peripheral blood
Sample_02_394 T-47D_2 Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_395 BT-549 Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_396 NHEK-D Other Skin
Sample_02_397 CAL51-MCF-7 Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_398 MDA-MB-231-MCF-7 Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_399 SUM159PT-BT-474 Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_400 SUM159PT-MCF-7 Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_401 SUM159PT-T47D Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_402 SUM159PT-ZR-75-1 Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_403 T-47D_untreat Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_404 ZR-75-1_2 Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_405 ZR-75-30_KO Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_406 ZR-75-30_parental Cell line Mammary Gland
Sample_02_407 BT16 Cell line Brain
Sample_02_408 G401_Dox Cell line Kidney
Sample_02_409 G401_NoDox Cell line Kidney
Sample_02_410 BT16_NoDox Cell line Brain
Sample_02_411 TTC549_untreated Cell line Liver
Sample_02_412 TTC549_Doxycycline Cell line Liver
Sample_02_413 GBM_2493 Tissue Brain
Sample_02_414 BJEL Cell line Foreskin
Sample_02_415 YCC22 Cell line Stomach
Sample_02_416 H9_Het Stem cell Embryo
Sample_02_417 H9_Null Stem cell Embryo
Sample_02_418 H9_Null+EZH2 Stem cell Embryo
Sample_02_419 LHCN-M2_nodox Cell line Pectoralis major muscle
Sample_02_420 LHCN-M2_dox_6h Cell line Pectoralis major muscle
Sample_02_421 BE2C_3 Cell line Brain
Sample_02_422 NCI-H1299_EGFP-NEO_reporter_cells_DACSB Other Lung
Sample_02_423 A375 Cell line Skin
Sample_02_424 SW620 Cell line Colon
Sample_02_425 ZNF532-NUT_24335 Cell line Malignant pleural fluid posthumously
Sample_02_426 HCT116_NONT Cell line Colon
Sample_02_427 HCT116_shPAF1 Cell line Colon
Sample_02_428 12364284_VHL- Cell line Kidney
Sample_02_429 12364284_VHL+ Cell line Kidney
Sample_02_430 12364284 Cell line Kidney
Sample_02_431 CD34+HSPC-derived-erythroid-precursors Primary cell Peripheral blood
Sample_02_433 NCI-H1299_EGFP-NEO_reporter_cells_DAC Other Lung
Sample_02_434 HEK293 Cell line Kidney
Sample_02_435 HEK293A_WT-MEF2B_DMSO_6h Cell line Kidney
Sample_02_436 HEK293A_empty-vector_DMSO_6h Cell line Kidney
Sample_03_001 foreskin-keratinocyte Primary cell Foreskin
Sample_03_002 foreskin-keratinocyte-calcium2.5day Primary cell Foreskin
Sample_03_003 foreskin-keratinocyte-calcium5.5day Primary cell Foreskin
Sample_03_004 A549_dexamethasone_4h Cell line Lung
Sample_03_005 A549_dexamethasone_0.5h Cell line Lung
Sample_03_007 A549_dexamethasone_12h Cell line Lung
Sample_03_008 A549_dexamethasone_7h Cell line Lung
Sample_03_009 A549_dexamethasone_3h Cell line Lung
Sample_03_010 A549_dexamethasone_1h Cell line Lung
Sample_03_011 A549_dexamethasone_5h Cell line Lung
Sample_03_013 A549 Cell line Lung
Sample_03_014 A549_dexamethasone_2h Cell line Lung
Sample_03_015 A549_dexamethasone_8h Cell line Lung
Sample_03_016 A549_dexamethasone_6h Cell line Lung